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Albright Life Sciences A/S

What we offer

Albright Life Sciences© is a AAA rated executive search company and one of the largest Life Science-focused executive search firms in Northern Europe. We serve global- and local clients within the Life Science industry – delivering tailor-made solutions sensitive to their specialization, their organization and the specific challenges they are faced with. As a founding member of Global Life Science Alliance (GLSA) and member of AESC (Association of Executive Search Consultants), Albright has a global reach of more than 70+ countries.

Minimizing risks associated with executive development and hires
Albright employs a unique process called Albright Match Triangle© Method to significantly minimize risks associated with executive development and hires. The goal of any hiring or development process is to ensure an overall optimal match. What differentiates Albright and transcends into meaningful benefits for our clients is the robustness of our methodology facilitated by the triangulation of three methods to ensure an optimal match. In essence, we reduce the risk of costly mishires by employing the methods of Culture Match, Organizational Match and Leadership Match.
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DK-1260 Copenhagen

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