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What we offer

BPI is a competent sparring partner, who can maintain a close and productive cooperation with the individual customer in order to develop custom solutions. We are the leading supplier of advanced customized foam solutions. Our mission is to inspire and participate in developing, designing and producing advanced customized solutions in foam and rubber materials.


Development of mattress concepts
BPI has participated in several projects involving the development of mattress concepts. BPI has specialists and equipment to provide effective consultancy and expedient development of prototypes, thereby adding value to the initial briefing and final specification long before the production begins. Our knowledge and development in this segment is characterised by specific customised solutions. Biotechnological research is considered to be one of the key development areas in society. We place great emphasis on compliance with the requirements, specifications and regulations needed to supply the optimal product solution. Consequently, we are also familiar with the requirements pertaining to ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO10993:5/10.

Pressure relieving product solutions
Within Healthcare, BPI was the first in Denmark to introduce the so-called Decu-Dan™ profile mattresses, and we are constantly striving to influence the development of various pressure relieving product solutions and multilayer foam. The possibilities are endless when it comes to functionality, shape, type, colour or quality. Our knowledge and development underlies each customized solution and a distinct flexibility and adaptability in our production is noticeable right from the start. We develop, process and distribute foam as raw materials, semi-finished or finished products and can offer all solutions as: • BPI brand • Private label • OEM produkt

Process flexibility
One of BPI’s strengths is our ability to produce exactly in accordance with customers wishes. Our production facilities allow us to maintain a high degree of flexibility during manufacturing processes and ensure the correct execution and quality. We are conscious of the responsibility that comes with supplying products. Therefore, a high standard for security of supply is a matter for us. Our Supply Chain Management system ensures control over all stages from order to delivery. With several of our customers, we improved their cash flow and inventory carrying costs by ensuring the optimal amount of goods at the right time.
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