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Care4Life is a wound healing program for people with diagnoses such as Arthritis, depression, psoriasis and for sports restituation. Care4Life promotes all 5 phases of cell healing for better wound healing. It is easy to shape or cut to size of wound. Absorbs large amount of exudate, supporting blood transportation, and fully absorbend. Accelerate sustainable wellness. Strong capillary action by pore structure. Promotes the formations of natural body evidents.

Care4Life has been tested by hospitals, clinics, and top sports performers at the Olympic Games in London 2012.

Care4Life is used by regions and municipalities and physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics all over Denmark.

Football coach, Ove Pedersen
I have used Care4Life 3-4 times a week. Not because I have been injured but because I play football two times a week and coaches football twice a week as well. When using Care4Life the pain in my joints and mucles disappear despite spending many hours on the pitch. Previously, I was only able to play one football match a week and I would feel knackered the following days, but not anymore. Of course I can't go jogging the next day, but the muscle aches are non-existent when performing everyday chores. In addition, my sleep has improved. My wife runs at least 7 kilometers every day. She also uses Care4Life - and experiences the same benefits. In my job as football coach I have used Care4Life for dead legs, pulled muscles and ankle injuries, as well as for overall prevention of injuries.
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