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CEKURA takes responsibility for increased safety and security for you - and your loved ones. The goal is to increase your quality of life by offering a service based on trust, warmth and compassion.

Innovative Solution

Erik Abildstrøm
Erik is 79 years old and has lived alone in his house for 15 years. Last year, Erik started feeling unsafe after incidents of trespassers and break-ins at his neighbours. In December, Erik experienced nauseous and numbness in his right arm. This made Erik sign up for CEKURA’s personal emergency response system. Erik says: “I’m very happy about CEKURA, both for the sake of myself and my family. Even though you feel strong and capable, unexpected things happen. When they do, it’s comforting that I only have to press one button to get help.”

Ingrid Nørup
Ingrid Nørup, 63 years old, author, former social worker, and married to Søren Christiansen, service technician at an IT-company. The couple have been married for 37 years. They have three children and five grandchildren. All of her life, Ingrid has lived in Gladsaxe. At the moment she is authoring her 8th book. She suffers from daily pain in her back and legs. This makes her fall. Since December 2012, Ingrid and Søren have, therefore, been subscribers of CEKURA’s service. The pain and many falls made life very insecure for both Ingrid and her husband. Ingrid says: “Søren was nervous every day for what he might find when he got home from work.” Søren has tried to find Ingrid lying in the floor. She had fallen, was hurt and therefore unable to get up or call for help".

Ingelise is a capable 62-year old woman. She is a former medical secretary who lives alone in her apartment in Aarhus. She cares a lot about her health. She has experienced falls in the bathroom and she often feels unsafe. Before she found CEKURA, Ingelise often contacted the public security system – both doctors and psychiatrists. But according to her, what she really needs is an experienced, friendly human being that has time to actually talk to her. This need was not met by the public system that often had limits to what subjects could be discussed and for how long. More safety and human care was exactly what she got when she signed up for a subscription at CEKURA. When she feels sad or unsafe, she calls up CEKURA and after a good conversation with CEKURA’s employees she feels like she has more energy. As she says: “Such a conversation is better than depressants”.

Emergency call device enables independence and self-reliance
Personal alarms notify healthcare professionals in emergency situations, creating a safe environment for citizens and empowering them to live an independent life in their own homes. The Danish company CEKURA offers citizens a personal-alarm service that combines the latest technology with care provided by a caregiver. At the core of the service is a wireless button that can be installed in the private homes of elderly citizens or at municipal rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. For instance, the service has been implemented successfully in all nursing homes and home-care services in Svendborg Municipality in the Region of Southern Denmark. The alarm is a wireless device that allows the user to contact a central monitoring station with a single click of a button. If the citizen experiences an emergency situation, such as a fall or heart attack, or feels unwell, pressing the button will immediately alert a healthcare professional, who will then be shown a complete action plan on his or her screen, including the citizen’s profile, location, disease history, and emergency contact. This enables the healthcare team to provide the right help as quickly as possible. The monitoring station provides more than just emergency help. One of its core tasks is to support citizens in other aspects of everyday life, such as reminding or motivating them to do their daily exercises and having their meals and medicines on time. The staff is also available when a citizen is feeling sad or would just like to talk. This type of support increases citizens’ sense of well-being, reduce anxiety, and motivate them to do daily tasks – in turn supporting them to remain independent and self-reliant in their own homes.
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