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At FNP Hjælpemidler, we have made it our goal is to ensure quality of life for our customers by ensuring that they receive the right equipment for their condition. All the while making sure that our products are good and our prices are competitive.

Ramps for wheelchairs


Wheelchairs: https://www.handicapmidler.dk/shop/koerestole-8s1.html

Helping my grandfather
Getting old has it's benefits, but it can certainly also be a challenge, if anyone knows this, it's my grandfather. Getting into his mid 80's, he started experiencing problems with his back. I figured i would give him a swivel cushion. This cushion consists of two layers of slippery fabric, that when connected on the middle by an axis, slides and swivels freely on one another. The cushion helps my grandfather keep his back in a straight position when he gets into the car, and as a result, he is experiencing less back pain.
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