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Improvento is an innovative software company that delivers quality system services to the healthcare sector in Denmark. Our main services focus on quality control, quality improvement, and strengthening of competencies. By only using cloud-based solutions, we deliver services for both web clients and mobile apps, which are characterized by their flexibility and ability to create value for the clients immediately.

Improvento DMS System:

Improvento Qreg System

VIP Solution for The Capital Region of Denmark
The Capital Region of Denmark is, on a daily basis, responsible for treatment of the region's 1.6 million citizens. To ensure a high level of quality, this required a system that could handle all of the region's instructions, procedures and guidelines. Improvento implemented DMS as a service (SaaS). The solution is called “VIP”. Improvento handled both implementation and education of employees to secure maximum benefit from the system. Today, “VIP” is used in all departments in all hospitals in the region, and it is a central part of the daily, digital assistance. The mobile app “VIP2GO” ensures offline access.

Qreg at the Clinical/Biochemical Department in Central Region Denmark
The Clinical and Biochemical Department in Central Region needed a more streamlined and simple way to organize their daily registration of everything from procedures to blood samples. By implementing the Qreg System, they ensured a simpler and more secure way of registering numbers and samples. From day one, the system created great value: “Before implementing Qreg, we were depending on several specialists, who had to transfer data to a spreadsheet and thereafter visualize them. Today, we handle it by a single push on a button! Today, more staff have access to data – faster.” - Bente Fruergaard, Secretary for the board.
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