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Inimove have a positive effect in the rehabilitation at home Inimove has been tested and developed in collaboration with the users, the occupational- and physiotherapists. We aim at providing users with the best possible mobile training solution and at improving their ability to carry out everyday activities through fun and motivating training. Training with Inimove improve fine motor skills, coordination and concentration, trains muscles and joints in the hand, arm and shoulder. The unpredictable movements makes the training fun, challenging and motivating. The challenge with Inimove is to assemble the discs so they are vertical which requires eye-hand coordination, concentration and good fine motor skills.

Test result made by Broenderslev Neuro Rehabilitation Center show that stroke patients already after 4 weeks of training perform 17% better in rehabilitation. - 10 patients have improved their occupational performance from 0,3 points for the lowest improvement to 5,6 points to the highest. - The highest exercise intensity was 3 times a day with 10 minutes per session, while the lowest was 3 times a week with 5 minutes per session. - The Inimove is fun to exercise with and has been a contributing factor to coordination, strength and control of their paretic hand. - The acceptebility, usability and motivation is high when using Inimove.

I bought a Inimove Snake 16 for approx 2 months ago. I have trained with it every day. I got a brain damage in October 2008 after a meningitis and a stroke. Before I could knit difficult pattern, but it disappeared completely after I was hit. After I started to train with Snake 16 I started to have several irons in the fire. I just knit a shawl in a difficult lace pattern – I had to try several times, but for 3 months ago I would have given up trying to fix it. I feel I can stay focused for a longer period, and the food does not neither burn when I cook ;o) My balance is extremely bad, so right now I am starting to train with the Snake 16 while I stand up. I would highly recommend. Inimove to others who have a brain damage. —Hanne Vitcetz Smidt, Stroke patient

Despite it being six years since my apoplexy, after one month of training with Inimove I was significantly better at daily activities. After training with Inimove Snake 16, my concentration has improved, I can multitask when cooking, a lot of my memory is back and my balance is better” —Kirsten Houmann, Stroke patient Link to a Video of Kirsten Houmann from TV2: Here
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