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BOOST YOUR IDEAS - DESIGN WITH MAKERS! Made by Makers has 14 years of experience within developing services and products to the Rehab and Healthcare sector.

B&O Medicom // LEVA
An auto-injector, operated with your thumb when injecting. The injector is at “one-time-use” device. Made by Makers: Sketching, concepts, developing, prototypes, 3D, design, detailing

Chromaviso // Lighting panels
Colored light optimizes wellbeing and working situations in many ways, and opens a huge potential in the healthcare and homecare areas. Made by Makers: User-involvement, concept developments, design, user Interfaces, prototypes, testing and launching.

Pleuratech // Lung drain
A functional drain to use during lung surgery, designed in close cooperation with the surgeonts. Made by Makers: Concept, design, identity, web, packaging.
Grumstolsvej 4F, 1.sal
8270 Højbjerg

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