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What we offer

We have been developing and refining speech technology for the last 20 years. Our long experience and several thousand satisfied users are proof that our innovative solutions create value - not only today, but also tomorrow and in the future.

We are the leading speech recognition provider in Scandinavia, and our goal is to incorporate AI solutions in a variety of speech recognition solutions.

Today we have customers in all Danish regions and municipalities, private consultants, institutions and companies among others. We aim to grow passionately together with our customers, and we would love you to come and join our journey.

Speech Recognition for saving time
Speech recognition drives efficiency and cost savings in documentation by turning dictations into formatted documents - automatically.

Our solutions for healthcare providers and caseworkers and are designed to accurately translate the voice into a, detailed narrative that feeds directly and seamlessly into all applications on the computer. It will improve your health, when you can walk around or stand relaxed when talking to your computer.

Our solutions offer the freedom and flexibility to complete notes at their convenience and dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on documentation

4.000 users are expected to use Max Manus Speech Recognition
In order to streamline electronic patient documentation, Region Hovedstaden decided to introduce speech recognition. With speech recognition integrated into the electronic patient journal EPIC, the patient record is updated automatically while the doctor is verbally dictating, thus reducing document turnaround time and insuring patient safety. An estimated 4.000 physicians are expected to benefit from the new technology.

1500 doctors in Region Sjælland are using Max Manus Speech Recognition
Region Sjælland offers "Max Manus Speech Recognition" to more than 1.500 doctors within the Region. The contract between Max Manus A/S and Region Sjælland includes Speech Recognition, delivered by Max Manus A/S. The solution is integrated in the electronic patient journal EPIC and covers both somatic as well as the psychiatry area.
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