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MediComb Plc. Delivers the unique ”MediComb” Medicine Information and Decisions Support system to public healthcare, GP’s Private healthcare providers, Dentists, pharmacies, Care homes, Home care and social care in Denmark. The system may function either as a simple stand-alone system or may be integrated into existing software like practice management software. The system is capable of using any list (textbased or coded) of medication as input. MediComb makes guides on management or treatment operational by displaying specific advice (Beers, STOPP/START etc.) concerning the selected drugs.

Patient consults a GP or is sent to hospital.
The GP/doctor should now examine whether the main complaint may be caused by the patient’s medicine. Without the system it would mean several look-ups for each individual drug, which is quite time consuming. The Healthcare professional receives an overview of all the adverse reactions and the number of drugs having the reaction, alongside all other available medicine information. With this overview it is possible for the GP/Doctor to prevent inappropriate prescribing, avoid the prescription cascade and adjust the patient’s medicine. This reduces errors, prevent hospitalisation and may reduce public spending and improve the quality of life for the patient.

Pharmacist or nurse performing a Medicines Use Review for and elderly citizen.
Based on a list of the citizen’s drugs the pharmacist/nurse/care person receives an executive summary of all the information concerning the citizen’s drugs. Without the system it would mean several look-ups for each individual drug, which is quite time consuming. The healthcare professional may now select details or simply remove unnecessary types of information (either setup in the user profile, or individually) but will also see different types of alerts, notifications and guidelines. The final outcome may be printed as a report and compared to health records or discussed with the citizen in order to optimize the medical treatment.

Elderly or social care staff visits a chronic ill citizen using several drugs
In the immediate preparation of the visit the staff person examines the citizen’s care or health record. The current medication is copied to the “MediComb” system and the staff person receives a special care-overview displaying care relevant information. The dispense method, nourishment and herbal medicine interactions and the most likely and also most serious adverse reactions are displayed. With this overview the care person is able to administer the medicine and nourishment. Care staff may also keep a watchful eye on the citizen’s symptoms and prevent serious problems or even hospitalisation, improving the quality of life for the citizen.

Filtering out less relevant information according to patient properties
Medicinal information is usually quite extensive with large amount of details. The system is designed to only present “net” information so menu’s are only appearing if relevant information concerning “surgery”, lab-test, special observations etc. actually exist. Even then some information may be less relevant for a specific patient or citizen. It is then possible to single out specific information related to the patient's sex, age, weight and type, like impaired renal function or impaired liver function.

Interactions, alerts, external medical guidelines.
The system will alert on mutual interactions from the selected drugs, but will also display possible food or herbal medicines interactions. The alerts are grouped according to importance and displays recommendations. To avoid “alert fatigue” the user is able to setup which types of alerts to receive. GP's and other healthcare professionals receive and store a large number of external guides on management or treatment with specific drugs. These are usually document based and the healthcare professional needs to rely on the memory of such interventions. MediComb makes such guidance operational by displaying specific advice concerning the selected drugs.
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