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MIRSK has developed a variety of innovative solutions within digital dictation and speech recognition that increases work productivity and saves time.

The Capital Region of Denmark is populated by approx. 1.7 million Danes, making it the country’s most populous region. Approximately 40,000 people are employed in the region, effectively making it Denmark’s largest workplace. The tasks within the region lie mainly in the health- and hospital system which puts the region’s 12 hospitals under a heavy workload. MIRSK has delivered a total digital dictation solution to The Capital Region’s hospitals. And no less than 12,000 users today enjoy this MIRSK solution.

In 2007, in attempt to increase digitalization of The Region of Southern Denmark, there was a EU-tender offer issued, where the winner would be awarded with a framework contract with the region over a period of at least five years. The participants of the competition were evaluated by a set of criteria, that were functionality, reliability and price. MIRSK’s products were the best on all criteria, and MIRSK was able to accommodate all the specific wishes and needs of the region, especially in the context of integration with other IT systems. Among other things, the requirements from The Region of South Denmark were that the digital dictation solution could be integrated with their overall IT system Cosmic, and that it could be done so in a short period of time. In addition, MIRSK offered a reasonable price, superior client service and a functional, dynamic and proven total solution for digital dictation. Therefore MIRSK won the tender and thus the rights to implement digital dictation in this region until the end of 2012.

The Region of North Jutland’s main task is a healthcare in Northern Jutland. The Region also has an overall responsibility for regional development and also it takes care of specialized tasks in the social sphere and in relation to disabled children and adults. In relation to a contract in 2009, MIRSK won the right to provide solutions for The Region of North Jutland. Then The Region selected the task of implementation and operation of the overall solution. All the institutions belonging to The Region of North Jutland e.g. Aalborg University Hospital, Vendsyssel Hospital, Thy-Mors Hospital, Psychiatry, chose to implement solutions at the same time. It was done by a so-called “Big Bang” implementation where, in one year, they went from 0 users to a little under 10,000 users.
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