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PentaBase is a knowledge based, Danish company that holds a proprietary DNA platform technology improving features of DNA based assays and tools. PentaBase has own production facilities supplying custom oligonucleotides based on standard DNA technologies, modifications and proprietary technologies to customers world-wide. Furthermore, PentaBase focus on the development of molecular diagnostics assays for cancer patients, where sensitive detection of somatic mutations can be used to identify susceptibility for medical treatments assisting personalized treatment.

SensiScreen Lung
Eurostars project together with Danish Technological Institute and Istituto Cantonale Di Patologia ranked as #1 application in 2013. Using novel DNA chemistry we will develop diagnostic kits tailor-made for Lung Cancer fulfilling the need for extreme sensitivity for the limited amount of cancer material. The kit prototypes will be validated on clinical samples. A kit for following patient during treatment is also developed.

Genotyping project
In order to be able to evaluate a possible connection between genotype and asthma, a University Hospital wished to analyze allele frequency of three single nuclotide polymorphies (SNPs) in surfactant protein D (SFTPD) in a well-described and diagnosed cohort. In collaboration with the costumer, PentaBase defined the precise scope of the project including exact SNP coordinates, assay read-out, sample handling, and project deliverables. Subsequently, PentaBase designed, synthesized, optimized and validated the genotyping assay using in-house expertise, technologies, laboratory facilities and commercially available gDNA.
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