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What we offer

We help small and large businesses and organizations grow through innovation and international activities that create value. We have + 25 years of experience in business development and our present expertise is Healthcare and Welfare Tech. Based in the Nordics and in South East Asia (Bangkok). Susie A. Ruff, CEO, has held positions such as Director of Healthcare Innovation Centre, Head of trade Department and Regional Export Sales and Marketing Manager. Susie holds a M.Sc. in Int. Business Administration and has completed several executive courses at Stanford University, Imperial College, IESE and Copenhagen Business School.


Healthcare Innovation Lab
<a target="_blank" href="http://susieruffbusiness.com/portfolio-item/healthcare-innovation-lab/?lang=en">http://susieruffbusiness.com/portfolio-item/healthcare-innovation-lab/?lang=en</a>
Skodsborgvej 154D
2840 Holte

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