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TEMPUS600 is an innovative patented invention specifically developed to increase the efficiency of blood sample transportation in hospitals.

Tempus600 helps hospitals to start patient treatment sooner and to discharge ambulatory patients more efficiently by transporting blood samples in a predictable and faster way, reducing the total blood sampling turnaround time. Since the majority of hospital diagnostics are based on blood sampling, the Tempus600 system saves a considerable amount of time and resources.

Tempus600 Quantit

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Tempus600 TA

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Tempus600 TM002

Odense University Hospital, Denmark
Odense University Hospital has created a Central Acute Care Center of 10,000 square meters in which all acute patients are received, triaged and treated. The focus of the new Acute Care Center has been on better and faster treatment – and to bring down the admission time. For that reason, the hospital has invested in TEMPUS600®, which is now a part of the new Center. By air pressure, the system transports sample tubes directly from the Acute Care Center to the Laboratory 300 meters away in just 28 seconds. This saves steps for the staff and the response time of the samples has been reduced significantly.

Sydvestjysk Hospital, Denmark
Sydvestjysk Hospital in Esbjerg has created one of Europe’s most modern laboratories. The laboratory is going to house some of the newest analysis equipment and solutions for logistics. The hospital has installed 16 TEMPUS600 systems to transport nearly 100 % of the blood samples. This will reduce the average response time to approximately 1 hour. The principle ‘single touch’ is an important factor in the blood sample process. By ‘single touch’, the hospital wants the sample tube to be touched only when the blood is drawn. The TEMPUS600 system adheres to this, by sending the samples fast and safe in a closed system directly to the laboratory.

Växjö Hospital, Sweden
As a part of the renovation of the laboratory at Växjö Hospital, Sweden, hospital management decided to purchase a new automation facility for the laboratory. Hospital management quickly realised that with Tempus600 the staff could save a lot of work in the emergency room and department because the samples could be send immediately one by one. Thereby they staff should not use time on packing and unpacking samples but could focus more on their primary tasks and use their competencies better.

Homerton University Hospital, London, UK
Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, based in the London Borough of Hackney, has followed up on their first successful experiences with TEMPUS600 TA system by installing the second TEMPUS600 TA solution in Accident and Emergency (A&E). Due to ongoing issues with continued use of an aging PTS and the recent success of the Tempus line into Clinical Biochemistry the hospital management decided to implement a further TEMPUS600 TA linking into Haematology and Blood Transfusion. The new system is expected to help improve turnaround times for FBC, coagulation and other Haematology testing required by A&E.
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