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Good wayfinding empowers people to understand and find way on their own in complex environments. Triagonal strives to optimize the interface between the individual user and complex environments. Our mission is to enable people to find their own ways through complex environments, thus contributing to positive, effective and safe user experiences, while at the same time unleashing the potential of each individual project through coherent strategies and resilient evidence.

Hvidovre Hospital Overall Way Finding Systematics
In preparation for a large extension of Hvidovre Hospital, Triagonal has developed a wayfinding model and an information concept based on a reduced number of clearly marked reception points and simple colour coding. As patients and relatives tend to be tense when arriving, focus was on personal service, simplicity and clarity of information both online, in print, in calls and in the complex architecture of the hospital.
Bredgade 45C st
1260 København

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