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VELA chairs range from stools and sit-stand chairs to office seating and specialist chairs. Our customers include hospitals, dentists and diverse practitioners, including physiotherapists and chiropodists. We have the largest choice of hospital chairs on the market. Our products include chairs for healthcare workers and patients, and they are known for excellent quality.

Hospital chairs

Dental chairs

Versatile chair for X-ray examinations
he Radiology department is a highly specialised department conducting 220,000 examinations and treatments annually. This department receives patients from the emergency reception and various wards. Patients are referred here for examinations of all parts of the musculoskeletal system, severe scoliosis and lung examinations. Most patients can walk and are self-reliant, but because several patients have mobility problems or have difficulties walking they need to be seated and supported for examination.

Ergonomic Work in Dental Clinics
Apart from working in his clinic and developing equipment and work stations, Herluf Skovsgaard teaches dentists and assistants about work methods and layout of clinics. In 2013 Herluf Skovsgaard's book, 'Dancing Hands,' was published - a textbook for dentists and clinic assistants on organisation, work place design, work methods, precision work and teamwork. In 2007 the chair VELA Samba 150 was developed in collaboration with Herluf Skovsgaard. The chair is extremely well suited for the work tasks in the dental clinic.

Patient's Chair - Mammography
The Mammography Department is part of The Department of Radiology at the Sydvestjysk Hospital. The patients have been referred by their GP for mammography or biopsy. These patients all have mobility problems or use wheelchairs necessitating sitting during examinations. <strong>Work routines at the mammography department</strong> The patient's chair is locked, and the apparatus is prepared for the individual patient. Then the position of the patient is adjusted relative to the apparatus. It is crucial to the success of the examination that the patient's breast is positioned correctly so that the films show the desired tissue. During the examination, the patient needs to sit perfectly still.

Ergonomics in Eyelid Surgery
Clinic for eyelid surgery in Vejle, Denmark, is a private clinic run by ophthalmologist Kirsten Bjerre, who specialises in eyelid surgery. The clinic offers a variety of operations on the eyelids and around the eyes, e.g. operations of cosmetic nature and correction of eyelid disorders. "The chairs are easy to move, very mobile, easy to work with and they support an ergonomic work posture and a more effective work day, without pain and discomfort."
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