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Vendlet is the creator of the world’s first fully mechanic patient turning system. The system has significant benefits for employee’s working environment and helps reduce work injuries and sick days. Besides these benefits, the system also improves the quality of care for the client by reducing pain, creating a recognizable and gentle care, by preventing pressure ulcers and much more.

Today we provide assistive living technologies and aids for clients of different levels of mobility and have expanded our range of products with unique positioning cushions and manual aids in Nordic design.

Vendlet V5S

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The man who won't roll
The Australian Occupational Therapist, Frances Arnold, made a case study on the implementation of VENDLET on 49-year old Gavin. Gavin suffers from complete spinal cord injury, ABI, weighs more than 130 kg and has chronic pressure sores. The hospital staff had low confidence in assisting Gavin. Different equipment was trialed, but required either too much strength from staff, or were too small to handle Gavin's weight. The cost of care was spiraling as well as the cost of pressure sore treatment was significant.For Gavin, the implementation of VENDLET meant increased privacy and dignity and for the staff it meant better working conditions. Arnold’s study showed that the ROI on buying the VENDLET was broken in five weeks, due to reduction is staff required.

Patient-turning system improves working environment
Mechanical turning systems for transferring, moving, and handling patients have improved the working environment and the safety of residents in nursing homes in Hillerød Municipality. Hillerød Municipality, in the Capital Region of Denmark, has vigorously pursued assisted-living technologies, which improve the working environment and safety of employees as well as the efficiency and quality of care. One of these solutions is the Vendlet patient-turning system. The system consists of two motorized bars mounted on each side of the bed. Connected by a sheet, the bars turn the patient from side to side using a hand control. During the transfer, the caregiver does not need to push, pull, or lift the patient. In addition to being a gentler transfer for the patient, the system is proven to have positive impact on caregivers’ working environment and their overall health. It plays a significant role in preventing work-related injuries. Bedside care is a significant proportion of caregivers’ daily routines, and handling patients is very stressful on their back, neck, and shoulders. As a result, patient transfers have traditionally accounted for a large number of work injuries. “This technology makes transfers smoother and gentler for the patients and has significantly reduced the number of injuries among care staff. Not a single transfer-related work injury has been reported since we implemented the system.” – Maria Westh Bernburg, Physiotherapist and Area Manager at Skovhuset Nursing Home in Hillerød. Hillerød Municipality has implemented the new system in all nursing homes and works continuously to ensure that all employees are properly trained in using it.
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