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What we offer

Woerk is a mobile application development company. Woerk offer the process from first step of concept development down to the app being published in either App Store or Google Play.

Wayfinder - The app is developed to help patients find their way to their right location within the Odense University Hospital and the hospital in Svendborg

About 15 percent of births at Odense University Hospital, Denmark, end with acute C-sections – situations where it is important that everything is coordinated and that all involved staff cooperates. This project aims to develop an application for smart phones and tablets for staff, streamlining the acute process. With the application, the staff is to be able to perform C-sections faster and save vital time. This project is an example of how we can use new technology, such as smart phones and tablets to optimize and increase patient care and safety. This application can be used at all hospitals to call the staff quickly for emergencies e.g. acute operations, cardiac arrest, trauma and fire.
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