MIXiii|BioMed Israel

Confederation of Danish Industry, Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education, the Danish Embassy in Israel and the Israeli Embassy in Denmark are pleased to invite companies and knowledge institutions to participate in this roundtable meeting. As a prelude to MIXiii|BioMed, we hold this information meeting where you can learn more about the advantages and possibilities of participating in the Danish delegation at MIXiii|BioMed.

Israel is a leading nation within biomed and medical equipment, and MIXii|BioMed attracts more than 7,000 visitors. The conference is an excellent platform to find partners for business, research or development  within medical equipment or biomed. MIXiii|BioMed takes place 20-22 May.

Businesses and institutions that have previously attended IATI-BioMed will tell about their experiences, and you have the opportunity to learn more about the potential in Israel. Special guest is Israeli bio- and startup expert Nava Swersky, a globally recognized expert in innovation and tech trans.

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