Webinar: Public healthcare provision in Piedmont, Italy

On Thursday October 22, 2020, you have the exclusive opportunity to join a webinar about public healthcare provision in the Italian region of Piedmont. The webinar is scheduled from 14.00 – 16.00 and is hosted by the Confederation of Danish Industry in cooperation with the Royal Danish Embassy in Rome, the Danish Trade Council, and Healthcare DENMARK.

Due to COVID-19, Italy needs to modernize the healthcare sector. The country has allocated investments of € 4.6 billion in innovation and advancement of public healthcare services. This digital meeting attempts to expose Danish companies to the future investments in Italy.

The purpose of this digital roundtable is to initiate the contact to relevant actors and decision-makers within healthcare procurement for Danish companies where you will be able to gain market insights and spot potential market opportunities.

During the meeting, you will meet the President of SCR Piedmont S.P.A, the regional procurement organization in Piedmont, and the Director General in the health district ASL TO3. Moreover, you will present your own company and be able to engage in an open dialogue with the Italian participants to obtain knowledge relevant for your business area.

You can find more information about the program here.

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For further information, please contact Nicolai Frank Reinholdt, Global Market Advisor, The Confederation of Danish Industry, at nifr@di.dk or Jørn Bang Andersen, Trade Commissioner, The Royal Danish Embassy in Rome, at joband@um.dk.