Hospital logistics

With the new hospital landscape in Denmark, our hospitals will play highly specialised roles. At the same time, the healthcare system is under pressure to meet patients’ expectations of efficient and high-quality treatment. Therefore, innovative just-in-time logistics solutions are necessary to optimise patient flows and to reduce patient length of stay.

Denmark’s focus on hospital logistics has been instrumental in achieving a significant increase in productivity. New processes and technologies have enabled just-in-time delivery of services and equipment, while ensuring coordination between all specialties and thousands of patients and staff. Our solutions encompass supply logistics, clinical logistics, sterile goods and sample logistics.  

At Aarhus University Hospital in Central Denmark Region, a unique hospital logistics solution enables optimisation of coordination and real-time localisation of people and equipment, right down to room level. This system has a standardised RTLS (real-time location system) infrastructure supplied by Lyngsoe Systems and apps supplied by the company Systematic which enables in-app search for equipment, bed management, trolley management and transport logistics between the Central Denmark Region’s hospital units.  

Danish hospitals continue to focus on organisational and technological developments, including innovative logistics solutions to increase efficiency and reduce patient length of stay. To optimise patient flows in the new hospitals, the next step will bring new logistics solutions using previously unavailable data for novel technologies, such as robots and artificial intelligence (AI).