Robots and automation

Autonomous mobile robots that run anywhere and independently of floor installations are increasingly being implemented in Danish hospitals to handle logistics tasks, thereby easing staff workload, and freeing up time for patient care.

Self-driving autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) take care of delivering laundry, transporting blood samples to labs and bring medicines to hospital wards. Combining robotic technology and artificial intelligence (AI) is part of the next step, as artificial intelligence goes hand in hand with logistics and planning. The right patient in the right bed, at the right time, given the right treatment – this is the essence of the Danish healthcare system, which AI solutions will help to enable. New robotic solutions controlled by software and sensor technology will facilitate the use of applications for a wide range of tasks at different locations in the hospital – even among patients on the hospital wards.  

Using AI for planning and optimisation, frees up time for core tasks at hospital departments, which ensures better hospital services, and thereby benefits both patients and staff.