Easy access to clinical trials

Denmark is an attractive place to conduct clinical trials, especially complex or/and innovative studies.

The strong collaboration between authorities, companies, clinicians and patients, and the high degree of trust between these parties enables the clinical development ecosystem to handle complex or/and innovative studies that require ongoing dialogue and willingness to listen to each other across functions. Furthermore, the high degree of predictability, manifested by a long-standing political focus and commitment is very attractive. Stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, hospitals, authorities and politicians, agree on the value of clinical trials – for individuals and society.​

Trial Nation is a single, national entry point for global companies, patient organisations and clinical researchers who want to conduct clinical trials in Denmark. Services are free of charge and funded by the government. Watch Marianne Pilgaard, CEO of Trial Nation, talk about the opportunity for global companies to perform clinical trials in Denmark.


For more information, please contact Chief Advisor Gerda Marie Rist gmr@hcd.dk