Pandemic response

Within two years, the COVID-19 virus infected over half a billion people and caused the death of more than 6 million people. The Danish COVID-19 strategy has aimed at saving human lives, protecting elderly and vulnerable people and avoiding overload of the healthcare system. Furthermore, the strategy aimed at maintaining a healthy economy while keeping restrictions to a minimum. Throughout the pandemic, Denmark has consistently ranked among the European countries with the lowest excess mortality rate. 

Through close collaboration between public and private contributors, Denmark has successfully developed and implemented innovative solutions to assist the control of the pandemic. Denmark’s advanced digital infrastructure made data-driven decision-making possible and was key for surveillance through contact tracing, genome sequencing and efficient roll out of testing and vaccines. 

Furthermore, a high level of public trust, support and compliance eased the implementation of the COVID-19 policy and is one of the major strengths of the Danish pandemic response. 

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A central part of the Danish COVID-19 effort is an intensive nation-wide testing strategy - available free of charge to all citizens.
In this interview, Health Economics Professor Kjeld Møller Pedersen gives his perspective on how Denmark got through the pandemic.
TestCenter Denmark, a public-private collaboration in the Danish test strategy.
The digital infrastructure was key for contact tracing, genome sequencing and enabled efficient roll out of testing and vaccination.