Innovating better life

Danish life science

The life science industry is one of the most important sectors in the Danish economy.

Recognized internationally for innovative products and services, the success of the life science industry has enabled Denmark’s strong life science cluster, which involves companies, public healthcare authorities and universities in unique partnerships that strengthen growth, research, innovation, and talent attraction.

Personalized Patient Support

Personalized support solutions, developed with the patient in the centre and through strong public-private partnerships, result in innovative solutions that benefit both patients and society.

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R&D and Innovation – key to future healthcare

Denmark is a leading life science nation in Europe with world-class research facilities and scientists, making Denmark a highly attractive place for drug development, biotechnology, and medical technology research. 

Personalized medicine

Personalized Medicine is a key element of Danish healthcare transformation with a potential for quantum leap improvements in prevention, cure, quality of life, and survival by targeting diagnostics and treatment to the individual patient.

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Population health and prevention

In Denmark, the health and well-being of all citizens are considered to be a common concern for the individual, the family, the local network and community, municipalities, regions and the state.

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HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark is patron for Healthcare DENMARK.

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Photo by Franne Voigt