Personalized medicine

Personalized Medicine is a key element of Danish healthcare transformation with a potential for quantum leap improvements in prevention, cure, quality of life, and survival by targeting diagnostics and treatment to the individual patient.

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The Danish Personalized Medicine strategy will contribute substantially to make the Danish healthcare system sustainable for years to come. Supported by considerable grants from Danish Foundations (Novo Nordisk Foundation and Lundbeck Foundation), the strategy also builds on public-private collaboration. This has contributed to establish a strategy, which is already being implemented – as a first step with the establishment of a National Genome Center in May 2018.

The Danish National Strategy for Personalized Medicine supports the use of genomic data to offer patients more targeted and efficient medicine. When Denmark's level of electronic healthcare data for the entire population, which goes 40 years back in time, is combined with the Danish Biobank Register, which connects 25 million biological samples, all connected to a unique patient identifier system, it is a strong enabling factor for implementing personalized medicine on a national level.