Big data

The culture for life science research in Denmark is stimulated by the unique research opportunities, which are available in the Danish healthcare system.

Denmark has electronic healthcare data, which goes back more than 40 years in time and includes more than 170 clinical databases. Denmark's social security number system, a unique patient identifier in Danish called CPR (Civil Registration Number), makes it possible to combine unique patient data for research with data from a vast database of 5.8 million Danes.

The Danish National Biobank contains more than 10 million bio samples across an array of diagnostic categories and links over 25 million bio samples in Danish biobanks, providing unique research opportunities.

Denmark is one of the most digital countries in the EU. A tech-savvy population, extensive digitalization of public services, and enterprises that are among the first to implement new digital technology. These are some of the reasons why Denmark is ranked the most digital country in the world by the European Commission who has authored the International Digital Economy and Society Index 2018. Furthermore, the high trust that Danish citizens have in sharing electronic data with public authorities makes future digitalization proceed in a rapid pace.