National Genome Center

One of the first initiatives in the Danish Personalized Medicine Strategy was the establishment of a National Genome Center in May 2018. The National Genome Center provides genomics based analysis and insights related to diagnostics of relevant patient cases at Danish hospitals.

The National Genome Center will enable Denmark to develop more effective treatments targeted the individual patient by the use of knowledge and new technologies. Furthermore, it provides a common infrastructure with capacity for genome sequencing and a national genome database.

One of the National Genome Center's primary objectives will be to map patient genomes. As a consequence, the center will have a highly specialized national sequencing operation. Two specialized laboratory units, in the east and west of Denmark respectively, will be used to ensure full-country coverage.

The two highly specialized laboratory units in east and west will generate the large amounts of data from analysed samples. A supercomputer then identifies changes in the genome. These changes are then interpreted by clinical professionals who relay answers to the responsible doctor, who then gets a very precise and detailed picture of how the patient can be treated most efficiently.