Chronic diseases

Changing demographics and a general rise in chronic patients lead to an increased prevalence of chronic diseases. Increasing demands lead to rising expenditure and this is the reason why addressing chronic disease is an important element in the Danish healthcare transformation.

One third of all Danes suffer from one or more chronic diseases – a number which increases year-by-year. Therefore, early detection of a chronic disease is essential in order to initiate high quality and cost-effective treatment. The earlier a chronic disease can be diagnosed the better chance to treat the patient without the need for expensive surgery, treatment or medicine. Early detection of serious and chronic diseases is therefore addressed with new screening initiatives, integrated care initiatives and continuity of care (clinical pathway) initiatives.

Most patients living with a chronic disease have a high health literacy potential. Educating, involving and empowering these patients is a great potential for using the patients’ own resources to keep their chronic condition compliant. Introducing home monitoring solutions for patients with e.g. diabetes, arthritis or COPD on a national level is therefore a high priority for Denmark and the first national implementations will be ready during 2021.