Mental health

Mental health is a key area of concern and Denmark is therefore investing in new initiatives to improve mental health services. This includes a focus on early detection and prevention, which also involves reducing the taboo associated with mental diseases.

Modern lifestyle, leading to new causes of stress and anxiety, increases the demand for mental health services both from a prevention and treatment perspective. Danish healthcare transformation focuses on a holistic approach, which includes new primary care initiatives and healing architecture initiatives in hospitals.

Early detection of mental diseases relies on reducing the taboo associated with mental diseases. Various campaigns and activities have been implemented to change the perception and increase the understanding of mental conditions and their treatments.

The presence of a mental health condition is a key risk factor for suicide. More than 90% of persons who die by suicide are associated with mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, alcohol and substance abuse, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Therefore, suicide prevention is also an area with increased focus.

The ongoing campaign "One of Us" was launched in 2011 with the purpose of reducing the stigma related to mental illness in Denmark.

The new psychiatric hospital in Vejle in the Region of Southern Denmark was inaugurated in 2017 as the first public-private psychiatric hospital construction in Denmark. The new building meets the needs for integrated treatment of psychiatric patients and includes psychiatric emergency department, closed and open wards, single patient rooms, new facilities for ECT treatment, and observation rooms.

The concept and design of the hospital buildings are meant to enhance the psychiatric treatment and contribute to more physical activity. The patients can undergo treatment 24-7 with respect to privacy, easy access to both open and enclosed gardens, high degree of security and visibility with optimal possibilities for therapeutic and recreational activity. These are important issues for reducing sedentary lifestyles due to both the medical treatment and the mental illness.

In Centre for Telepsychiatry in Odense, new technologies for people with mental diseases are developed and tested. The Centre for Telepsychiatry is a unique place in Denmark for combining technology with psychiatry and mental health. It is a working clinical department of psychiatry in The Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark. At the same time, the center is a resource and knowledge center for the use of telepsychiatry and other technologies in the mental health services both regionally and nationally.

The Lundbeck Institute was founded in 1997 and is committed to providing international and interactive seminars for experts, thereby building a valued legacy in medical education. The seminars currently cover mood disorders, schizophrenia, dementia and Parkinson’s disease and are open to all. In addition, The Lundbeck Institute offers educational materials, including tools for facilitating locally-run workshops. The Lundbeck Institute also has a website, called The Lundbeck Institute Campus, which provides healthcare professionals with freely accessible and downloadable content to support education and teaching.

Brochure on mental health and suicide prevention.