Stigmatized diseases

Patients with stigmatized disease may be less compliant using the prescribed aids or devices due to embarrassment and stigmatization. Danish companies support the Danish healthcare agenda of early prevention and compliance by offering solutions, which help reduce stigmatization.

Addressing stigmatized diseases is important for the ongoing Danish healthcare transformation. When patient empowerment and education initiatives are introduced for mental diseases, skin diseases, obesity, intimate healthcare needs, and hearing problems, it helps to reduce stigmatization and improve early dialogue and detection of new diseases. At the same time, it increases patient compliance and quality of life. If you are looking for inspiration on how to approach development in these areas, Denmark is the place to go.

Stigmatization is often a result of lack of insight and understanding. Therefore, information is a key focus area when it comes to early detection of diseases and reducing the taboo that is linked to stigmatized diseases.

The patient is in the center when new medicine and solutions are developed. Through collaborations with patients and patient associations, important knowledge is obtained and incorporated when solutions are designed.

Watch video with Lars Werner, Director of the Danish Psoriasis Patient Association, about the collaboration between the Life Science industry, patients, and patient associations.