R&D and Innovation – key to future healthcare

Denmark is a leading life science nation in Europe with world-class research facilities and scientists, making Denmark a highly attractive place for drug development, biotechnology, and medical technology research. 

The Danish healthcare system is under pressure due to longer life expectancy, an increase in chronic diseases, and more expensive treatments. Digitalization and structural reforms are not sufficient to mitigate this pressure; new and innovative solutions and medicines are needed.

Denmark has a long-standing tradition for a research based industry that goes back more than 150 years. Strong private and public research combined with a strong technological legacy has led to a world-class life science cluster that represents more than 17% of Denmark's total export of goods.

Even though Denmark, currently the country in Europe with the highest amount of clinical trials measured by capita, already has a strong R&D position, it is a priority for both the healthcare system, universities and the industry to continuously expand and strengthen the R&D sector of Denmark.