Easy access to clinical trials

Denmark is an attractive place to conduct clinical trials. The combination of a highly developed network and the strong public-private collaboration provides a fertile environment for success. High quality and ease of implementation characterizes clinical trials in Denmark.

Denmark is the country in Europe with the highest amount of clinical trials measured per capita and the demand for clinical trials with Danish hospitals and patients has been growing steadily during recent years, increasing 9% in 2015 and with an annual increase of 12% in 2017. This development indicates the importance of Denmark as a clinical trial partner for the international life sciences industry, but it also makes it necessary to constantly expand opportunities for clinical trials in Denmark and make it easier for international stakeholders to establish clinical trials in Denmark.

Trial Nation is a public-private partnership with the purpose to increase clinical trials in Denmark for the benefit of patients and society as a whole.

Trial Nation offers a single, national entry point for global companies, patient organisations and clinical researchers who wish to conduct clinical trials in Denmark. Funded by the government, services are free of charge. 

The composition of life science industry and public partners is unique in its ability to bring stakeholders in clinical trials to the table. Partners include the Danish regions representing hospitals, selected Danish ministries representing the state, the Danish patient organisations, and the Danish Medical Society.

Trial Nation offers: 

  1. Identification of relevant specialists and clinical researchers. 
  2. An expedited feasibility process with a collated, national response from hospital sites within five days. 
  3. Access to our legal network, offering legal advice and national contract negotiation. 
  4. Access to established clinical specialty centers and national networks within oncology, haematology, dermatology, pediatrics, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases and dementia. 
  5. A national approach to increasing performance in clinical trials. 
  6. Access to established partnerships with hospitals, scientists and patient networks. 

Watch video with Marianne Pilgaard, CEO of Trial Nation, about the opportunity for global companies to perform clinical trials in Denmark.