Invest in Danish Biotech

Home to one of the strongest life sciences clusters in the world, Denmark is a respected international health laboratory. The key to that reputation is the close interplay between public and private partners across science, education and regulatory affairs.

Danish healthcare transformation has already in many areas established a future setting, which does not yet exist in other countries. Examples are national implementation of telehealth, which is an opportunity for medtech companies, and the first elements of a personalized medicine strategy already implemented, which is an opportunity for life science and pharmaceutical companies.

Being part of the Danish life science cluster and making investments in Danish healthtech and life science is therefore an opportunity for companies and investors to achieve important competitive advantages – simply because Denmark is in the forefront of establishing a future healthcare system.

This potential is also the reason why there is a keen political focus on creating the best possible framework conditions for research and development. Over the years, this has already attracted many strong industry players.

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Denmark is already a highly attractive country in which to do business. Because of the strong life science cluster, Denmark has already today the third highest rate of life science employees per capita in Europe.

Further initiatives on extension of attractive tax schemes for foreign researchers and stimulation of student enrolment in high education programs will add to ensure availability of highly skilled researchers and life science labour in Denmark.

For several years, the World Bank has ranked Denmark as the easiest country in Europe in which to do business.

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