Danish company starts international virtual study on eczema

Studies&Me, a virtual contract research organization established by LEO Innovation Lab, LEO Pharma’s independent innovation unit, has launched a large virtual clinical study with Bispebjerg Hospital and the renowned American Stanford Health Care to investigate how genetics affect atopic dermatitis, better known as children’s eczema.

The study will include more than 3,000 participants, and the aim is to provide a more tailored treatment of eczema.

Patients are monitored via two virtual clinics, which are led by dermatologists from Bispebjerg Hospital and Stanford Health Care.

At the beginning of the study, all participants will receive a DNA testing kit by mail. The results from the tests will subsequently be compared with the data that the participants must continuously submit via their smartphone. It includes taking pictures of the parts of their body that are affected by eczema and answering a series of questions on a weekly basis.

The idea of ​​Studies&Me’s approach is to adapt clinical studies so that they become less extensive and time-consuming for patients to participate in – i.e., where patients can fully or partially participate in the studies from their own home.