Public-private cooperation increases test capacity for COVID-19

The Capital Region of Denmark is ready to test a total of 2,500 people for COVID-19 per day and the company Novo Nordisk has offered their expertise and resources to contribute to increasing the capacity for tests in the coming weeks. The first tests will be analyzed this weekend.

Novo Nordisk is starting to test for coronavirus and a number of the staff at the Novo Nordisk’s research departments in Måløv, Denmark, have signed up to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 to help increase the capacity for tests in the coming weeks, in collaboration with employees of the Danish healthcare system.

”I am very proud that in less than a week Rigshospitalet managed to get a collaboration with Novo Nordisk on its feet. That will make a big difference in the fight against COVID-19”, says Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, who chairs the Region Council at the Capital Region of Denmark, according to a press release.

Novo Nordisk is working with several external suppliers to quickly increase the capacity of test materials, but they are performed according to the same method as in Rigshospitalet.

All analyses are performed by employees of Novo Nordisk, who have volunteered to participate in the fight against corona. The wages and laboratory expenses are therefore also covered by Novo Nordisk.

Novo Nordisk is working on being able to run at maximum capacity in 2-team shifts with back up - even over weekends and Easter.

Per Jørgensen, Deputy Director, Rigshospitalet, who has established the agreement on the partnership with Novo Nordisk underlines, according to a press release, that all personal data is secured. The tests are registered at Rigshospitalet, and then they will be inactivated so they do not pose a risk of infection. Before being sent to the Novo Nordisk laboratory, the samples will be anonymized.

The first tests will be conducted on Saturday, April 4, 2020, when Novo Nordisk receives and analyzes the first patient samples.