Public-private cooperation increases Denmark’s COVID-19 test capacity by 100%

As a result of an innovative public-private partnership, the Danish healthcare system will now be able to double the COVID-19 test capacity with 5,000 more sample analyses per day.

So far, approx. 6,000 COVID-19 tests have been analyzed per day, distributed between hospitals and the pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk, which has performed approx. 1,000 sample analyses on a daily basis. With innovative technology from the Danish company Pentabase, Novo Nordisk has now increased the test capacity even further and will now be able to analyze over 6,000 COVID-19 tests per day. This increases Denmark's daily test capacity from approx. 6,000 to approx. 11,000 tests.

As a fast response to the COVID-19 crisis, a close collaboration between Novo Nordisk, Pentabase and Rigshospitalet was established a few weeks ago. This cooperation has now led to the rapid development of increased test capacity. The sample analyses can now be conducted much faster and the technology can be put into use immediately.

When Rigshospitalet tests a patient for coronavirus, the sample is sent to the hospital's laboratory for analysis. If a fast response to the test is required, the hospital laboratory will analyze the sample. However, if the test result can wait a few hours - or up to a day - the sample can be sent to Novo Nordisk. Before being sent to the Novo Nordisk laboratory, the test is inactivated to not pose a risk of infection. When Novo Nordisk has analyzed the test, the result is sent back to Rigshospitalet for quality assurance before the result is given to the patient.

However, the thousands of extra samples that Novo Nordisk can now analyze on a daily basis exceed the capacity of Rigshospitalet's laboratory. Therefore, several other hospital laboratories are now being connected to the collaboration so that they can also send samples to Novo Nordisk to be tested for coronavirus.