Another successful Healthcare DENMARK Ambassador Summit

On October 6-7, 2016, Healthcare DENMARK’s international corps of healthcare ambassadors descended on Odense, Denmark, for the annual Ambassador Summit.

On October 6-7, 2016, Healthcare DENMARK hosted the third annual Healthcare DENMARK Ambassador Summit. The two-day summit, which took place in Odense, Denmark, brought together Healthcare DENMARK’s international corps of thought-leading healthcare ambassadors with key actors within Danish healthcare, Danish hospital managers, and groundbreaking Danish healthcare companies.

The summit began on October 6 with a welcome session and the inauguration of two new Healthcare DENMARK Ambassadors, Ms. Karin Smyth, MP, UK and Mr. Cédric Arcos, Deputy Executive Director, Fédération Hospitaliére de France, France.

The afternoon session introduced the ambassadors to the vision and concept for the New Odense University Hospital, which is currently under construction. This was followed by a presentation and tour of the innovative Shared Emergency Department at Odense University Hospital.

After the visit to the Shared Emergency Department, the ambassadors visited Forskerparken (Odense Science Park) in Odense for at session that focused on the role of robot technology in new hospitals. This session included presentations by some of the most innovative and groundbreaking Danish companies within robot technology and hospital logistics including Intelligent Systems, TIMEDICO, and Blue Ocean Robotics. The visit to Forskerparken also included a tour of a mock-up of the New Odense University Hospital and a demonstration of the technologies and logistics systems that will be implemented at the new hospital.

In the evening of October 6, Healthcare DENMARK hosted a gala dinner for its ambassadors and members of the board.

On October 7, the ambassadors learned about how Odense University Hospital uses innovation to improve efficiency and quality, illustrated by the Colonic Capsule Endoscopy project, and how Denmark works to solve the organizational challenge to enable cross-sectorial collaboration and a fully integrated care environment, highlighted by TeleCare Nord and the Danish Agency for Digitization. The summit was rounded off with a debate session with the presenters from the day’s program where the ambassadors could engage in talks about the topics and information presented during this year’s summit.