Big Data project helps Danish companies grow

A business project on Big Data aims to boost growth in Danish companies by better utilization of data.

The business project, Big Data Business Academy, will help Danish companies realize their growth potential through strategic Big Data utilization.

In the project, 20 Danish companies will collaborate with IT students and international experts to share knowledge on big data solutions and learn how to use data on specific projects in different sectors and across company levels from management to staff to make Big Data a recurring strategic asset within the company.

Focus is on sectors with an untapped potential for using Big Data strategically, and initially the participating companies come from different sectors such as transportation, foods, energy, software, and banking.

The results and learnings from the project will be compiled into a self-assessment tool to help other companies – or sectors – realize the use of using Big Data, such as the healthcare sector where widespread uptake of electronic health records has generated massive data sets.

The Danish Industry Foundation supports the project with €942.000 ($1 million), and the project partners, the Alexandra Institute, CLEAN, the Technical University of Denmark, and the Danish Technological Institute, drive the project.

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