Danish app for schizophrenia implemented in England

A Danish developed app for supporting treatment of schizophrenic youths has been implemented in England.

An app developed by Danish technology company, Monsenso, is part of a pilot project initiated by the National Health Services Foundation Trust of Central Northwest London. The aim of the pilot project is to reduce the number of readmissions among young psychiatric patients. The app, which supports the treatment of schizophrenic youths, is based self-assessment and monitoring by healthcare professionals and will be introduced to young patients between the ages of 18 and 24 initially in London, England.

The app uses so-called double-loop technology, and healthcare professionals use a web portal to monitor patients on a continuous basis. This enables them to identify early-warning signs and offer proactive treatment before and during potentially acute situations. Patients employ a smartphone to collect data, which is sent automatically to the web portal, enabling healthcare professionals to react swiftly if the mental state of the patient deteriorates.

Following a trial period up until December 2016, the app will be broadly rolled out and integrated fully with the current English patient record database, TPP SystmOne.