Danish app provides safer birth for mothers and newborns in Africa

The Safe Delivery App empowers skilled birth attendants to provide a safer birth for mothers and newborns as it gives instant access to evidence-based and up-to-date clinical guidelines.

The Safe Delivery App is designed to reduce the number of around 300,000 women and 5 million newborns that each year die of causes related to childbirth.

The app leverages the growing ubiquity of mobile phones to provide life-saving information and guidance through easy-to-understand animated instruction videos, action cards and drug lists.

Great results have been found in African countries, as knowledge levels have increased among the participants and the number of deaths of newborns and mothers in isolated clusters have decreased.

By improving the competencies and knowledge of skilled birth attendants, The Safe Delivery App contributes to improve maternal and newborn health.

The Safe Delivery App has been developed in a partnership between the University of Copenhagen, the University of Southern Denmark and the Maternity Foundation.

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