Photo by sani nudge

Danish company launches hygiene system in collaboration with world’s largest hygiene company

Danish MedTech company, sani nudge, is launching a new hand hygiene system in collaboration with the largest hygiene company in the world, Ecolab, which aims to ensure good hand hygiene in hospitals and nursing homes in Europe.

The hand hygiene system helps hospitals and nursing homes achieve consistently good results, which improves patient safety and provides a safe working environment for staff. With data, insight, expertise and effective products, the hand hygiene culture improves in the long run.

Although the pandemic has initially improved general hygiene standards, healthcare professionals continue to forget to clean their hands every other time and poor hand hygiene results in infections that cost lives and resources in an already pressured healthcare system.

The goal of the strategic partnership between sani nudge and Ecolab is to increase safety for one billion patients worldwide by 2030 by reducing the number of infections through improved hand hygiene in hospitals.

By combining the hand hygiene system with experience in infection prevention, hospitals will be better equipped to tackle hospital-acquired infections. The system saves hospitals many hours of work and resources by automating the current manual processes. This way, healthcare professionals can concentrate on patient-related tasks.

The system has already been installed in several hospitals and nursing homes in Europe, which has resulted in an improvement in hand hygiene and a noticeable reduction in absence due to illness among healthcare staff.