Danish diabetes hospital appointed as an international role model

March 29, 2021

The Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare of the World Economic Forum has named Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen to be among the best in the world to develop a value-based healthcare system for the benefit of people living with diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases, including diabetes, pose major challenges for populations, healthcare, and economies globally. Therefore, it is necessary for the global healthcare systems to work towards a cross-sectoral oriented collaboration that provides more healthy life years for citizens with chronic diseases, a high user satisfaction in the treatment and new forms of treatment that are structurally and economically sustainable.

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is a Global Innovation Hub as it is one of the world's most advanced and innovative initiatives which helps strengthen the development towards a more coherent and efficient healthcare system that creates value for people living with diabetes.

Some of the remarkable results that the public-private cooperation has achieved include that almost no one goes blind as a result of diabetes as well as an 80 percent reduction in diabetes-related leg amputations. The vision is to offer people living with diabetes both prevention and treatment at an international top-level.