Danish educational institution strengthens technological focus

Due to accelerating technological innovation and digitalization in the healthcare sector, there is an increasing need for healthcare professionals with digital skills and technological know-how. Therefore, in the coming years, UCL – University College in the Region of Southern Denmark will lead the way in strengthening both teachers’ and students’ knowledge and technological skills as part of the education program.

The initiatives to ensure that future healthcare professionals have the skills to work with technological solutions include courses on technological know-how for all students in health educations, and the teachers are upskilled in order to ensure a high level of expertise. In addition, UCL offers a new elective subject in XR (Extended Reality) technology with focus on application of technologies in a healthcare context.

With these new initiatives, the ambition is to ensure that graduates can use new digital and technological tools as well as apply their own professional and innovative competencies in the development and implementation of new solutions.