Danish logistics company launches new solution to increase safety in the COVID-19 vaccination process

January 28, 2021

The Danish company, Lyngsoe Systems, one of the world leaders in logistic solutions, has in collaboration with the American companies Omni-ID and Axzon developed a new, digitised process support for the COVID-19 vaccine logistics. The new technology is targeted at the practical handling of COVID-19 vaccines at the vaccination centers and can be scaled to a global level.

One of the components of the solution is a sensor label that can check the content of each capped vial. Via the sensor label, the system can automatically measure and document the temperature of the vaccine in each step of the vaccination process by ensuring:

  • The temperature regulations for each vaccine
  • That the time requirements for shelf life of the vaccine are followed
  • Full traceability in the process which can help to detect any systemic or process errors

Photo by Lyngsoe Systems

In the company’s press release, director of business development at Lyngsoe Systems, Keld Ole Nielsen, states that the complexity of the vaccines and the processes to be followed are unprecedented, but that a digitally supported work process that is consistent throughout the whole country can optimize the workflow and reduce the risk of errors when the vaccines are distributed to the citizens.

The strength of the solution is that it improves quality and safety in the process by measuring content and temperature extremely quickly, minimizing waste and preventing manual errors.

Read more about the new solution here.