Photo by Falck

Danish paramedics in manned drones to save more lives

The Danish emergency response service, Falck, is now presenting the future of emergency response by making manned drones an integral part of its fire and emergency medical services. The ambition is that before 2025, Danish citizens will be met by paramedics flying in drones.

The entire healthcare area faces fundamental changes in the coming years. One of the main challenges will be more chronically ill patients. At the same time, new forms of mobility such as drones are emerging and will also change the emergency medical service area.

With the new technology, it is Falck’s ambition to save and improve lives among critically ill and injured patients. The company will also have the ability to respond with a single paramedic, who can assess whether an ambulance is needed. Both ways in which the new technology can create more value.

Falck is initiating its first test flights on the Danish island of Funen and is working on establishing a partnership with a tech-partner with whom the company can carry out the manned drone flights.

The drone flying paramedics is one of several initiatives from Falck which will set the standard for how emergency medical services will look just ten years from now.