Danish robot manufacturer introduces new hyper intelligent disinfection robot

UVD Robots, the world’s leading manufacturer of disinfection robots, introduces the third generation of its autonomous mobile robot that eliminates viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces using UV-C light.

The new hyper intelligent robot is the world’s most advanced UV robot, and is at the same time also the world’s simplest to use. Anyone can install the robot in a matter of minutes and immediately put it into operation.

One of the main features of the third-generation robot is its size. The footprint is significantly smaller than its predecessor, which means that it can operate in very narrow spaces, expanding the environments and market segments where the robot can be deployed. In spite of its small size, the robot still boasts exactly the same disinfection strength as earlier generations. The new size also means that the robot is no longer only relevant for implementation in hospitals, but can also be used in hotels, airports, shopping malls, cruise ships, office complexes etc.

The robot has a list of unique, patented features including an unrivaled safety system, enabling the robot to move around in all kinds of environments, even in high-trafficked areas, as it shuts down if people get too close. It also has a unique capability to show the users how well disinfected an area is, enabling the user to easily and quickly adjust the process and optimize the quality if needed. A feature not found in any other UV-C disinfection robot in the world.