Danish software company launches new IT solution at Swedish hospitals

Seven hospitals in the Swedish region of Västra Götaland have implemented a new task system, made to coordinate the tasks of hospital workers. The new solution, Columna Task, has been developed by the Danish software company Systematic.

In 2019, a delegation of Swedish hospital staff visited Glostrup Hospital in Denmark to get a closer look at the new IT solution resulting in more efficient working procedures and a better work environment for the hospital’s service staff. During the demonstration, the Swedish visitors experienced how the system is able to cut the number of phone calls between hospital porters in half, as well as coordinate and contribute to a more efficient use of the hospital porter’s time.

Columna Task digitizes ordering and coordination of the hospital porter’s tasks. All tasks are integrated into one system that is easily managed from a smartphone where the hospital porters can choose tasks based on timeframe, location and urgency. As such, the workers are able to avoid many unnecessary steps and will not have to answer phone calls while transporting patients and equipment around the hospital, which allows them to be more present in their work and have larger participation in decision making.

The region of Västra Götaland have purchased Columna Task as a Software as a Service (SaaS). It means that Systematic administers both the delivery and the operation of the solution which has great advantages such as providing the client with the exact tools that are needed while also making the users’ workday more efficient because they do not have to worry about IT technicalities.