Danish telehealth platform help Norwegian Municipalities fight Corona

March 26, 2020

In a fast response to the Corona crisis, the Norwegian Municipalities of Gjerdrum and Ullensaker, among others, have implemented a telehealth solution to help them monitor and provide safe surveillance of COVID-19 patients or patients in risk of serious COVID-19 symptoms. The solution, COVID-19 telemedicine, is provided by Danish company OpenTeleHealth and Siemens Healthineers and it is an important tool in the fight against COVID-19. It also increases healthcare efficiency in these difficult times.

Telemedicine is used to treat and monitor chronically ill persons in their own homes. The purpose is to promote coping with one's own health situation, prevent, detect, and treat the worsening of the disease. The benefits of telemedicine are already well documented but during the last couple of weeks, it has become apparent that telemedicine is a necessity in the fight against COVID-19.

To reduce the risk of exposure for the valuable healthcare staff, the solution offers web-based healthcare staff training, which is available for large scale roll-out.

The solution collects, stores, and analyses medical records to map the virus, and thus offers a structured data collection.

The Norwegian municipalities are the first to try out the solution and in the ongoing infection situation, distance follow-up will help to relieve the health service in assessing illness and follow-up of patients. For Corona patients, it can create greater security due to the fact that they can get help while staying at home. It is emphasized that the solution is easy to use and reliable. At the same time, it is possible to use it quickly, and little or no investment in technology is required.

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