Denmark sets ambitious goals for green hospitals in 2030

The organization Danish Regions has an ambitious, environment-friendly agenda for hospitals in Denmark. By 2030, Danish hospitals need to reduce their carbon footprint by 75 pct. Low-carbon hospital constructions, innovative energy solutions and hybrid ambulances are all part of the green objective of the organization’s new proposal.

Currently, Danish hospitals release approximately 217,000 tons of CO2 a year. According to Danish Regions, this number has to drop to 55,000 tons a year by 2030.

The new environment-friendly hospitals and transport are active components in reducing that number. Some of the initiatives include changing old roofs and windows in the hospitals to retain heat as well as optimizing the use of environment-friendly materials to make sure that new constructions meet the highest standards of sustainability.

As for transport, a suggestion has been made to switch over all patient transport and domestic driving between hospitals to sustainable fuels.

As part of the green transition, all Danish hospitals also have a wider focus on reducing waste and having green initiatives in mind when making purchases. The goal is to influence both Danish as well as foreign suppliers to manufacture more green solutions.